2 x 300w Power Amplifier

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1. Main electrolytic capacitor filter adopt Nichicon brand, capacity of 470UF/100V*4, to ensure the support strength ever fount power output.
2. Resistance selection of five metal resistances, main circuit uses the metal film resistor accuracy of ± 1%, the signal-to-noise ratio of the good.
3. Shielding of high current inductor, ensure sound crisp and powerful.
4. PCB is made of 1.6mm thick double-sided board; 2 oz copper thickness, spray tin full process, and ensure good current performance through with PCB first-class quality.
1.     Amplifier type: class D
2.     Static current: 65mA
3.     Efficiency: 88%
4.     Output power: 2*300W ( DC50V , 4 ohm, THD=10% )
5.     Frequency response: 20Hz  to 20KHz
6.     Dynamic range: >100 dB
7.     Signal to noise ratio (A-Weighted): > 100dB
8.     Working voltage range: DC 30 ~ 50V
9.     PCB size: 140mm*9mm*1.6mm